Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have not personally talked to Emily since I found the pipe in her purse, which she claimed was not hers. Which I did not believe , but her ever supportive Father did. This is our routine, when she knows I know.. she calls her dad. I am avoided. Which is fine with me actually.

So she and my husband made plans to meet on Sunday at 1pm. We have somethings she left here and her taxes, misc mail. He was running late and called to tell her that. She was fine with it and said just text me when you get off the highway and I will be outside waiting. So he texts, calls, texts, calls all the way to the front door. No answer. He gets out and puts her stuff on the front steps and is getting back in the car when she comes out. Sorry, I was sleeping! I just got up! Just wait 10 minutes and I will get ready.

He said forget it. I know you can get up and set your alarm for work, meeting your boyfriend, going to a party or concert, but not for your dad. And by the way, you look hung over or like you have been up all night, I suggest you go back to Step 1. And he left.

I was out running errands and surprised to see his car in the driveway when I got home. I had not even sat down when he told me all this. He was pacing. His phone was going with texts from her. He was ranting, I do so much for that girl and she can't even get up to meet with me for lunch? She was over 2 hours late at Thanksgiving, Christmas. Who does she think she is? You know.. I am sure you've all heard similar before. .. from someone.

So all I said was, I am glad to see you set a boundary and stick with it. Your time is worth more than being stood up by your daughter.

Now normally, he would have waited, then been home late to watch the game with our son. He would have said, well, you know Emily, she was late, her ADD, typical Emily and I had to wait.

I will be honest, for a brief minute, not second, whole minute.. I felt bad for her. I thought if she looses her Dad, she has no one.

Then I thought this is what has to be done. This is what I have been praying for..

So I really hope this some progress for her to recover????

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