Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let Go, Let God part 2

This topic needs several posts ..remember that water seeping in... it's getting knee deep now.

Since my son is not swimming his senior year of school, has early dismissal at school, I told him he needs a second job. I have been telling him since October. He also could not go on weekend nights until he had that 2nd job... it wasn't until the last month that he put a lot of effort into it and was getting turned down or interviewing and not getting it. I saw he was putting effort into it finally.

It was my husband's birthday Feb 2nd.. our tradition is to surprise him for a nice dinner. Well this year due to the storm, the restaurants were closed... but I didn't think they would be, so I did not plan on making a meal. That left us all wondering what's for dinner? So we called a few places and Jimmy Johns was open. Andy went to get our dinner.. while he was waiting for the subs he was talking to the managers.. they said, you have great personality, are looking for a job? He said, as a matter of fact yes! They said come in this weekend and meet the head mgr. He did that, got the job!

He was happy, I was happy. There is hope yet!

Thursday was his orientation. Thursday was when my husband was on campus moving Emily. I was calling him about dinner, Andy was texting him about W-2's he had to fill out, Emily wasn't where she was suppose to meet him... the cluster muck night.

Andy worked 3 pm to 8pm. He came home, and in a tone said, you will never guess who works there? I said.. oh gawd.. Joey ( em's partner in crime, she lives with parents after she stole our checks and cc).. he said no, but you are on the same track.. I am thinking ok then, whatever name I said, it won't be as bad as I thought...

The water is seeping in without my knowledge now

I went thru a few names.. It was Ronnie. Now I have never mentioned him before.. because it's the past and we have been thru so much since him. But, he is the first boy she met here. The one that introduced her to the lifestyle and people in this town that supply what you want. He is the one that molested her in the skate park. He is the one that bashed my husbands car in with a baseball bat to the tune of 7k. His Dad is the one that stalked me when my husband was out of town. He followed me. He made crude comments. I was asked to testify in court and I chickened out.. out of fear for our family and myself.

The water is getting dank now..there is slight hint of stench

Andy said Ronnie asked him if he hated him? Andy's reply was hey man, I don't get into that stuff. Andy must have forgotten he went after Ronnie several times.. for the jugular.. and chased him the night the car was bashed in with us screaming.. let him go, he has a bat!

Ronnie has a twin, Rusty. Rusty basically lived with us for awhile. But you know blood is thicker than that water seeping in. Rusty showed up to get a sub. Rusty got the sub for free, so Andy thinks Rusty works there too.

I asked if Jimmy John's drug tests? Andy said, they do if you get in an accident delivering or have a work accident, but not to get the job. He said, but they should... these guys look walking death, it's like there are no brain cells left.

My mind is going a mile a minute. These boys will not get to my son! I think maybe I should go in during the day, and ask that Andy not be scheduled with them. I think I should tell Andy to quit. He needs a job, but not THAT bad. I want to grab that mop and start mopping up this dank water... from the past.

I talk to a few friends, they convince me to let it go for awhile. That Andy is a good kid, he will be alright. He can stick up for himself. He will quit if he doesn't like it.

In other words.. Mom, let go, let God.
One day at time and tomorrow is a new day
But that could mean the water is getting deeper.. and it does.

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