Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Chapters

My baby graduated on Saturday!  I really don't even know what to say!  We start a new chapter.  There was a day, well many day, many years, I said to anyone who would listen, "everyone should have an Andy!"  I felt and still do feel very blessed I got this boy.  I would say around 16 or 17, I quit saying that.  LOL.  You know teen boys!  But, I still felt blessed, because as you all know, I know it can be worst and it has been worst.  But this kid has it going on.  I can say I am proud.

Andy did not get high honors.  Andy did not get a ton of scholarships.  I don't have bumper stickers that say Honor Student.  But, I got a "normal" kid.  A well adjusted kid.  A happy kid.  A polite kid.  A kid with goals and direction.  I got lucky with him.  I sat in the graduation with tears in my eyes.  Knowing all he lived with for so many years.  Knowing he made it thru with minor bumps in the road, when in reality, there could have been huge boulders in his way.  He did it.  I am proud.

I had his friends and their Mom's send me words to describe Andy.  Then I put the words with stickers on a mat and framed his Senior picture for his table at the party.  I cried!  There were some common words.  Polite.  Friendly.  Nice to everyone.  Always smiling.  Doesn't get much better than that for me.  Those are things that take you far.  Nobody will remember your GPA, but they will remember your manners or smile.  Other words were, best friend, hard worker ( 2 jobs) , reliable, funny, sarogent big brother.  I am proud.

So we soon the new chapter in our lives.  While I cried and still crying about it all ending.  I know I did my best to prepare him to leave the nest.  I know without a doubt there will be more bumps in the road, but I also know without a doubt he will make it.  I am proud.

We had a wonderful party with 7 other families.  The boys from our neighborhood.  It was a night to remember and I am glad he could go out with a bang and a good time.  I never got to do that before and did I tell you, I was and am proud!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things Aren't Always the Way they should be

I wanted to write a quick blog.. just to catch you up.  All the work I did.. everything.. out the window.  Best laid plans huh?

Emily was released the next day.  I was on the road... to be specific, I was in the mountains, not getting any reception, frantic calls from my husband on what to do.  She claimed she was ready to go to the all women , long term rehab.  But, he had no where to put her during the transition days. 

I learned quickly, I over trained my husband!  Now he couldn't or wouldn't make a decision without me.  Even thou I texted, whatever you decide dear, is fine with me... not exactly saying.. hey I am on vacation with the girls.. I don't need this now.. hoping he would "read between the lines" sorta thing.

Well he let her sit in a holding cell.  She was isolated due to lice and bed bugs. 

I told my husband to call a very helpful person on my ODR board.  He did and had a plan.  He went to get her.

She walked away from him.  Went up to a car, asked to borrow their cell phone and never looked back at her Dad.

Two days later on my girls vacation, I got a text from her old b/f.  It just said: Saw Emily at such n such intersection with a dude begging for money.  I didn't even respond.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Bitter Sweet.  I will try my best not to dwell on the first born, who made a Mother first, but I will try and enjoy and my last born and be present.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. 
Hugs, Kelly