Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things Aren't Always the Way they should be

I wanted to write a quick blog.. just to catch you up.  All the work I did.. everything.. out the window.  Best laid plans huh?

Emily was released the next day.  I was on the road... to be specific, I was in the mountains, not getting any reception, frantic calls from my husband on what to do.  She claimed she was ready to go to the all women , long term rehab.  But, he had no where to put her during the transition days. 

I learned quickly, I over trained my husband!  Now he couldn't or wouldn't make a decision without me.  Even thou I texted, whatever you decide dear, is fine with me... not exactly saying.. hey I am on vacation with the girls.. I don't need this now.. hoping he would "read between the lines" sorta thing.

Well he let her sit in a holding cell.  She was isolated due to lice and bed bugs. 

I told my husband to call a very helpful person on my ODR board.  He did and had a plan.  He went to get her.

She walked away from him.  Went up to a car, asked to borrow their cell phone and never looked back at her Dad.

Two days later on my girls vacation, I got a text from her old b/f.  It just said: Saw Emily at such n such intersection with a dude begging for money.  I didn't even respond.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Bitter Sweet.  I will try my best not to dwell on the first born, who made a Mother first, but I will try and enjoy and my last born and be present.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. 
Hugs, Kelly


  1. I'm so sorry.
    Today my son is sober, best I know. I had terrible dreams about him last night. I hate that.
    I will try to celebrate my own 80 year old Mother today and my non-a child.
    Happy Mother's day to you.

  2. Sometimes I get so weary of it all.

    I spent most of Mother's Day in a text war with my daughter. (I'm raising her kids and that is the only reason I communicate with her). After 17 years of drug use I swear her brains are fried.

    My son, in recovery for 3 years, lives 1500 miles away.

    So, yeah, Mother's Day is a bitter sweet holiday. Maybe I'll skip it from now on.

  3. It's so hard not to keep the focus on our addicted child and even when we do everything asked of us the child's disease always finds a way back into our lives with more chaos.

    Yes, it gets so very tiring.

    In prayer for you and your family.

  4. I don't think many of us had a godd MD. I tried to do the same thing. I have two children the 20 y.o. addict who didn't even call and my 12 y.o. although busy playing games made sure I knew he loved me.

    Praying for you....this is one long journey.