Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Monday, August 2, 2010

It takes women like this to help us all

At one point, when Emily was in FL and we were out of communication with her, my mind started to wander.. what if's.. she was laying there and OD'd. What if she is sick? What if her mental illness has kicked in? She is 18, the law says she is an adult. What can I do?

I found out about the Baker Act and The Marshman Act.

I called the police and mentioned the Marshman Act. They went to the motel she was holed up in and she opened the door. They said your Mother is very worried about you and worried about your health and mental well being. She had her phone in her hand and said, that's weird, I just got off the phone with her. Her phone was turned off by me, a week before. The police bought it, hook line and sinker.

Well here is a woman, Sharon Blair, whose daughter Jennifer lost her life due to drugs. She is trying to tweek the Marshman Act, to benefit our loved ones who are addicts. The Jennifer Act is in Indiana now. Close to be used in Florida... I hope we can get stated in all States.
The Jennifer Act « The Jennifer Act

Recovery Month 2010 - Sharon Blair

NOPE Task Force - Narcotic Overdose Prevention & Education

A major shout out or kudos to Sharon Blair!


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