Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Friday, August 6, 2010

Latest Update

First, I can't say I am ok. I try hard to keep it together. What kind of Mother has her 19 year old daughter live in a Salvation Army shelter. Emily calls it Sals. Is that like Sak's? I don't think so... far from it. My eyes brim with tears..24/7. Something is not right in this. And I don't have the answers.

Gloria sent a piece of paper with one of the girls to their home meeting for Emily. It had the name of 2 rehabs in other cities close to where they are now. 90 day rehabs.
Want to know what I think?
I think Gloria thought Emily was a spoiled rotten brat. That her Mommy and Daddy would pick her up and bring her home.. and that didn't happen. So if something happens to Emily, Gloria will share in my guilt.

Emily has signed up for IOP. We all know what that, but for others, it's Intensive Out Patient. Emily's counselor, who has done wonders for her, is in charge of that. So she can continue her work with Loree, the counselor. Loree is gone for 2 weeks.. but she will be back. Emily starts on Monday.

I told Emily, I am really proud of you. Simply amazing. She just said Thanks.. like it's all normal.

I have consistently said.. your words mean nothing to me anymore.. it's action I want to see. I have to say, her actions are reassuring.

She has had several offers of help, a place to live, etc.. but she said she is not making any rash decisions and thinking it all over.. trying to be patient.. letting God help her.

So when my eyes are brimming with tears, as always with Emily, they are because it is all so bitter sweet.


  1. Be strong Kelly. One step forward, pause and breath....one more step, pause and breath.

    I always tell my son, "Show me, my eyes can hear much better than my ears."

  2. My son's been in and out of the Salvation Army ARC program for several years. I know it to be a great program for those who have the chronic disease of addiction. I send them a check every month out of appreciation and graditude for all they do. I also volunteer to be a bell ringer for two weeks during Christmas.

    In prayer for you and your daughter. I understand completely.