Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The shirt says: Got Serenity??

I guess this is not my idea of : Got Serenity

I am just sick of it all.. fighting with my husband, because he believes her when she says she did not relapse, it was just a joke. I sick of wondering. I am sick of worrying. I am sick of living my life dictated by her immature actions. I am sick to death of all the money, time, work put into rehabs, sober livings, schools, therapy to have it all come back to this. I am sick of my life being on hold, because I might have to bury my daughter.

Do you really want the details? Probably not. But this is my life with an addict, that I love with my entire being.

I put my foot down.. I told my husband no more money spent on her until we have a meeting with the counselor she says she has or her sponsor/ sponsors. I want to know what Step she is on. I want to know what she is doing for her Recovery... before I open my wallet when the rent is due.

I can't say I am surprised... but yet again, I can say, I am sad. I can say, again, what I will support and what I won't.

And best of all , I can GET MY SERENITY


  1. Nothing I can say, Kel, but that I am here for you and rooting for you. All of you. Big hugs.