Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Friday, October 1, 2010

Does It Ever Go Away??

At this point in time, I don't think it ever goes away, even if I was on vacation, without a cell phone, I don't think it goes away. But no need to worry to about a vacation because kids cost too much money and probably soon, no need to worry about a cell phone, because kids cost a lot of money....

The worst possible out come for my son. Lost 50% of his sport. What coach wants a student only 50%?? Lost his title of Captain. Lost his dignity and respect.
Awhh but we have a friend who is a lawyer. I don't know what kind of deal he would or could give us, but he feels we have case. Kids cost a lot of money.

Spent the day touring a State College for my son ( Ohio University). Beautiful day, weather, with friends, etc. And then.. the presentation.. the clubs, the help, the dorms, the food, the games, the tuition.. 22K for year. Oh that's right... kids cost money.

On that phone I probably won't be able to afford anymore.. came a text from Emily. I got a letter today.. I don't understand it. I am being named as tenet of Apt C in a foreclosure suit. By the way, heat is included in my rent and the heat is not on. My refrigerator broke and my landlord/owner is not answer his phone. ( maybe it's turned off, like mine will be soon) The county is going after the lender, owner and tenets for tax leans.

Will this require a lawyer? Will this cost us in loss of deposit, first and last months rent? Probably.

Oh lets not even go into what to do next with her. I say she can't come home. I also say, we can't keep affording to set her up in apartments or programs. I can't even go into how I feel, because deep down, I don't know if she is been sober. My husband believes 100% she is and has been sober, but wouldn't be surprised if he is wrong.

At this point, I don't think it ever goes away, no matter how far I went or how I tried to be unreachable. And Kids Cost Money.

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