Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Cards

Since my last post, we have heard nothing.  Well, no, I take that back!  We all three got seperate Christmas cards from Emily.  I have to say, from the card choices, she thought about it.  Mine was PEACE.  Every year she would ask me, what I want for Christmas.  I would say PEACE.  What kind of peace she would ask me with her big wondering eyes as a young child.  I would say, Inner Peace, Outter Peace, Family Peace, World Peace, Country Peace.  Peace between you and your brother.  There is all kinds of peace to want.  So my card had the word PEACE cut out with a nice message: Falling softly all around you...
insert the word PEACE.  Shinning gently deep within you.  So I know she thought about what card to send each person. 

There was a short , but tear jearking note.  I also took note her handwriting was clear, good and there were not any misspelled words.  It read:
I love you so much !  Thank you for ALL your love and support through this challenging part of my life!  Can't wait to be a great daughter again.  Love and Hugs, Emily

My husbands card read:
Thank you for putting music into my life!  I can't wait to hear your band, sing with you and be a great daughter again.  Hearts , Emily

My son's card read:
Andy-Baby ( our name for him)
I love and miss you.  Hope you are doing well.  Can't wait to see you and hear all about your new exciting life.  I am proud of you.  Heart ! Em

There were all post marked on the 18th.  So we know she is still there. 

Amazing how a simple little card can make my whole holiday.  Where in the past the lack of even a homemade card had the ability to ruin my holdiay. 


  1. It is best to accept a gift for what it is.

  2. I emailed you, not sure if you got it can you let me know? I loved what she wrote in the cards, that would be the best gift ever for me.