Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with Old, but does the Old ever go out?

I hope everyone had a peaceful Holiday Season. Our was certainly peaceful and calm and drama free.. oh what to do when that happens? I am not used to it!
Like most of the country, the cold followed us to Florida. We had one beach day, Christmas day. This picture is of my son, my Mom and step father as we left Jupiter for Orlando. The day my husband and son went to Universal, Adventureland closed down for too many people. Just our luck. No new Harry Potter ride for them. FYI: We bought the passes many months in advanced, guess they over sold tickets. We also purchased the express passes for 60.00 a piece and they are not good for Harry Potter and they are only good for 1 time per ride. If you want to ride a ride twice, the 2nd time you will have to wait the 3 hours.
My gift came true. No phone calls from Emily, no drama, no crisis, whew. I think I am conditioned to deal with crisis, that it bordered on boring. I was not on high alert. I think something physical actually happens, you body relaxes, the bricks start to lift, a heavy sigh and lightness occurs. All this addiction stuff has turned me off from even enjoying a drink anymore. Guess what? I had several enjoyable drinks. Who can turn down a Pina Colada on the beach Christmas Day from a nice bartender with an Irish accent?
The day after Christmas, 2 good things happened. My Mom wanted to go shopping and get Emily a gift. She has not acknowledged her graduation, birthdays or Christmas's for years now. She did not want to give cash, but wanted my help in picking something out. Knowing her so well, she is practical. I suggested a blow dryer and/ or curling iron or flat iron. Emily seems to have lost, left or otherwise misplaced those things. Or shoes. My Mom loves shoes ( well what woman doesn't). But she is a sucker for a good pair of shoes. She always brought the Stride Rite for school. The good snow boots. Uggs for her college age grandkids. So we settled on Sperry Topsiders. Went down memory lane, when she bought mine at this age. Now they canvas, sequence ones, gold, black glitter ones. We got the classic ones. Both Grandma and Emily were happy.
The 2nd thing that was good. My husband got me a spa treatment at the resort we were staying at for that afternoon. WOW. I haven't splurged on myself like that in a long time. I got a Swedish massage on a warm bed. I flipped over and got a facial. Of course the woman doing the services, got information out of me and she felt bad and gave me an extra facial thing.. took the first layer of skin off my face. I never did that before.. but I glowed afterwards! Next I went to the steam room, took a nice shower with all their products, and then got a deep hair condition and style. When I was done, my husband and son were not back in the room. I know this sounds trivial, but when you are traveling with 2 guys and all the hotels are 1 small room and 1 bathroom, it was nice to come up to a quiet room, look at my clothes, take a minute to decide what to wear, actually try a few things on and not get dressed in a small steaming bathroom. It does a Mom wonders, the night was theirs and I was in good mood to follow whatever they wanted to do. Even if that included finding a loud wings place to watch sports.
On the way home, I got sick. Andy had been sick on xmas, I got it. Only those young kids can recovery more quickly. Mine is still lingering. Nothing worst than being in a car for hours feeling horrible and not having your own bed at night when you are blowing your nose and can't breath.
Emily knew we had stuff for her. Or I had Grandma's gift and I had hit some great sales and got her a few things. So she said she would come over on New Years Day. 3pm. She also wanted my traditional dinner of pork, kraut and mash potatoes. I assumed she was spending the night, but she announced she had to go back because she had to work at 7 am the next day. After dinner, she got up and went to the couch, pulled up the blanket and fell asleep. Humm.. a pattern I saw a lot when she was using. The purse was always at her side again. I didn't have to say much.. my husband said, Get up Em, I will take you back now. She started to argue, but he said, there is no reason for you come here and lay around and sleep. You could help with the dishes, play music with me, play xbox with your brother, but if you are just gonna lay around, you might as well do that at your place. She claims she was just up all night on New Years.. but I know that hung over look, I believe I saw it in her. So her visit lasted less than 2 hours.
I got to thinking yesterday. I shouldn't do that.. really. Sometimes it's best not to think. She was going on and on about her boyfriend... on and on.. what she got him for xmas, what he got her, what she got his family, what they got her... We didn't not even get a homemade card from her. I certainly don't want her spend her money on us.. just as my Mom told us the same thing, we have all we want and need, don't spend your money on us. BUT, a card would have been nice, some kind of acknowledgment to her family to have a nice Holiday. She is very creative , a poem or song would have perfect. Just a few words on paper or out of her mouth even. Nothing. This does not set well with me.
I took my son out to get his gift for his Dad. He offered to pay or pay half. I said no, it's ok. He did the same with his Dad for my gift from him. I would have certainly done with same with Emily, if she had asked. But she did not.
I said something to my husband last night about it. He actually agreed. He was the one that suggested she leave on New Years day too. I am not going to react to my thoughts now. But, I do plan on saying something to her at some point.
So with the theme of a new year.. Out with Old and In with the New, doesn't really hold true when you have a child that is an addict. Seems more like same old, same old. Entitlement. That's the word that sums it up.


  1. oh my gosh....I know SO much what you mean about so many things you mentioned here,...exactly. However, I am glad that you had some moments of fun and peace during your holiday. And yes...sad but true...that can feel downright odd ! Happy new year to you. :)

  2. Oh Kel. Sounds like the vacation had some bright spots? The facial sounds fabulous. I will keep you guys in my heart and prayers. Happy New Year my friend.