Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bath Salts turned into "Designer" Chemicals

I thought I would update you all. You know that gut feeling I get.. I got it strong yesterday (Friday). I made some calls.. I can't really say to who or what or where... . But I did wake up yesterday and text my husband and say, she lost it, when you have time get a message to her via f/b. When he finally could do that, she responded she was checking herself into the psych ward as she typed.

Finally she called. She was in the hosp. They ran blood tests and told us, she is extremely lucky, everything looks ok.. they were only waiting on the liver results. She had been throwing up blood. They had 5 cases of bath salt users yesterday and she was the only "lucky" one.

First her phone only has a browser.. she can not call or text. I never heard of that.. but that's the case. 2nd. I can tell you, I did not speak to her, but I heard her, I wanted to throw up. There was a bucket of weeds on the deck and I almost had to use it... I have never heard anything like it before. Delusion, mentally gone, so far off reality. I know I felt that way this winter.. there was no logic or a disconnect... but this was much worst. I really almost felt like I would much rather be dealing with heroin. At least I know what to expect with that. This stuff is the nastiest I have ever seen. The research I have done is not good. Seems the damage can be very permanent.

First I said, we need to know what the withdrawls are. So that would let us know where to put her. A hosp, a mental ward, a rehab? She said there aren't really any physical withdrawls... it's more mental. I confirmed that. Long story short.. I was trying to do ANYTHING I could b/c she was headed back to the town where my son is going next week to start college. Where she claims she is safe and protected.

She was assigned a social worker. When we finally got a hold of her, she told us, due to the fact Emily has no ID, they could not keep in her the hosp. She told us, she is such a sweet sweet girl and she seems to really want to stop this lifestyle that they were taking her to a hotel for the night. They would pay for the transportation and the room. We would have to get her by 11:30 am today. She could not make outgoing calls, but we could call in. However, she was very tired and she would probably just fall fast asleep.

So we knew there was a 50/50 chance she would be there is morning. But for the 50 that she is there, we need a plan. Of course it's Friday night, nothing is open. All we know, is she can't come home. Then we started fighting over who would go get her. I told my husband, I am afraid for several reasons. I don't think I could handle seeing her in this condition.. my baby. And, her lack of logic, respect, I might push her out of the car on the highway. My husband said he was afraid of the same thing. But he went. He began calling the room at 10 am, no answer. The hotel said she didn't check out, but it doesn't mean she just left. Finally she answered about 10:45. The hotel agreed to a late check out, knowing my husband is on his way.

Now we have no idea what to do with her. All we know is she can not come home.

Part of me believes something I have been told, that she has made some very dangerous people mad.. and they are looking for her to hurt or kill her and we are being used as a resource by her to get her out of there. I don't believe she wants to go to rehab. I can't say how I know somethings I know, but, I can say, she is a lier and manipulator first and foremost. And, she is so mentally gone who really knows.

My husband told her, if she was gonna take off, like last time when he drove 5 hours to get her, just tell him now. She was like what? He said don't you remember I wired money for a motel to that older guy helping you. He got you a room and I was suppose to come get you in the morning? He told her he went there, she was gone, he spent hours looking for her there. She said OMG, you mean I had a chance not to go thru all this? I had a chance at help? She kept saying OMG OMG none of this had to happen. She claims she was sorta taken by these guys that are "chemists" and they experimented on her and she has no memory. She said she has no endorphins left. Freaky Freaky stuff to me. I have no idea what is true or not, real or not. Paranoia and psychosis is huge with bath salts.

So at this point she is in the car with my husband.. to where I have no clue (That was Saturday, I copied and pasted from my thread on ODR)

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