Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Cycle Continues

Well we finally heard from her. It was a relief. I spoke with her last Monday. She was, imagine this, all about her. Oh, and her new boyfriend.

 Never once, in over an hour conversation, did she ask how her brother was, how her dad was or how I was. Never once acknowledged our letters or "gifts". On and on about the new boyfriend. How he is the one that paid for her phone to be turned back on and insisted she contacted us because he knows we would be worried and love and miss her.

 I never got any concrete answers for the few questions I could squeeze in. I did however get a lot of contradictory. I did not point them out. I did not push on going back to rehab.

Then came the birthday question. Her 20th is April 12th. Would we like to get together? We can meet her alone or with new love of her life . We can go to where she is or she can get ride up here. She is now living about 40 minutes south of Columbus. I just kept saying, I need to talk to your Dad.

 After some digging, which I really DID NOT want to do, but could not help myself. Shame on me! I have found out this new love of her life, got out of a federal penitentiary Aug of 2010. By March of 2011, he is in rehab?? I dug some more. I know, I know, shame on me! His father is still in a federal penitentiary, they ran a crystal meth ring. I am surprised I don't remember it from the news.. maybe we weren't living here then? This guy did not graduate from HS, was kicked out.

 She lied to me about his age. She lied about his job. Big surprise right?

He even got on the phone with me! He told me she is safe. They are going to AA, NA meetings up in Columbus. He feels family is important and we would be worrying. He said he was in rehab due to a sports injury from HS, pain pill problem. He asked if I was from MN, due to my accent. Said I sounded like Sarah Palin.

To me, why waste your breath and my time lying? Again, we are presented with , do we see her, or don't we. My husband flat out said No. I have not physically seen her since January. She is my baby and it's her birthday.

 I spoke with a girl, who has been helping me. She said, it might be good to see her, she will remember her roots, feel your hug and heart beat and it might bring back good memories. But, set the boundaries, like dont' talk if it's gonna be lie. No pipe dream conversations, absolutely no discussion on the new boyfriend. What's left to talk about? Because she certainly doesn't care to hear about our boring life. I was still thinking about it, when Emily called yesterday. To be continued in the next post.

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