Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Friday, February 5, 2010


This helped alot! When your daughter IS seriously ready to stop she will need her Mom strong. Do all you can to make YOURSELF strong.

Many people tell me how strong I am .. schools have asked me to speak. Professionals have asked me to share with other parents.

Besides having an "out of control" teen daughter, my husband had 2 retnia detaches in his eyes. He went thru over 10 surgeries, recovered on the couch for at least 4 months. Wasn't easy then because he was an enabler to her.. so he was calling the shots from the couch.

At the same time my brother was dying of Hep C. He was in the army in the early 80's and a medic..when there were no safety measures or it came from a tatto he got in Germany, again when there were no hygene rules. I offered to be a living donor... but his hep c was so bad..it would have attact my partial to him too quickly. He was lucky and got a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic a year ago in April. I am happy to report, he is doing well now.. however the Hep C is in the new liver and he will undergo Interferon.. but he is healthy enough to do this now.

So I know how to be strong.. I know what it takes.. and I just wonder if I have it in me to it again. I think I am kinda tired of being strong. If that makes sense... I just wanna save my daughters life. I guess if that means.. if it's one step at a time at the grocery store.. that's what it means.. I will do it again.

Thank you so much! Kelly

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