Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Friday, February 3, 2012

"FREE" Rehabs

I know Anna, has asked for the name of the program my daughter is in currently. ( Anna, I did leave you a comment on my last blog post).  I thought I would share my list and what I little I know about each program.  I am not a counselor, I am not a doctor, I do not endorse any specific program.  I have acquired this list thru many different people, counselors, or my own research.  How quickly us parents of addicts run out of money!  Meanwhile our children still need help or guidance or programs that don't cost an arm and leg.  This is what I have found:

Oh, I should note, I have not gone to any of these sites in months, so I am not sure the website is still correct.  You can run a Google search and see if they are still in business.

SanParignano.org - This is in Italy.  It is a 4 to 5 year program.  I have spoken to them on the phone, seems like a good program and was on the "list" for us.

delanceystreetfoundation.org - I believe this in San Fran, CA.  I know Emily did call them and was accepted.  I just know that city might have made her habit worst if she chose not to stay in the program. 

pathways-ky.org - I believe this program might be nationwide.  I know there is another one in Charlotte, NC.  They also offer IOP as well.  It did not help us, but it's not say it would not help someone else who is serious about recovery.

libertycenterconnections.org -  This is in Ohio, has a male and female program.  I do believe they need to be detoxed.  Emily did this program, never completed it, but I thought it was very good.  They did EMDR on her and I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing trauma or PTSD.  If this link doesn't work, search Steps at Liberty + Wooster Ohio

recoveryconnectionscommunity.com ( or run a search for recovery connections + NC).  This is a longer term program.  All the ones in NC are run pretty similar.  Self sufficient, meaning the clients do the work to keep it up an running.  I am not sure if this is coed or just for females.  It is a "newer" one there.  Do not expect counseling or anything additional

recoveryventurescorp.org ( or run a search for recovery ventures + NC).  This is longer term, coed, same as above. 

firstinc.org ( or run a search for first + recovery + NC).  Don't quote me, but I believe they are merging with recovery ventures.  It was for males only, but I believe they are now taking women and maybe women with children.  It is a 1 to 2 year program and probably the easiest of the above 2.

thamkrabok-monastery.org - This is more along a monk run facility.  They are free, but do take donations.  I got the name of this place from someone who went thru the program.  They have been clean for a long time and said this program saved their lives.  We researched it, it was a consideration, what changed our mind was on the website, it says " We want warriors, not victims".  At the time, we did not feel Emily had shed the victim role and we would be wasting time and airfare. 

Not free, but reasonable, for women only, sober living is Jennifers Gate.  Run a search Jennifers Gate + Ohio.  Truely a wonderful program built on the right intentions. 

Not free, but worth it as far as therapy.  EMDR.  Run a search on it.  I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from trauma, PTSD, etc.  Vets, war victims, etc would benefit.

We have not done, but I plan to do : www.clearyourmind.org   It was highly recommended to me for myself and Emily.  The main place on the east coast of FL I believe, but many states have qualified people to do it.  I suggest reading the stories or testimonials.  I may not do this, but I will take Emily do it after she completes her program. 

That's all I have, if I hear of more reasonable programs, I will be glad to share.  Again, I am not a professional, but just a mom doing research.  I can't be responsible for anyone elses experiences or encounters.  I don't endorse any program over another.  At some point, we have or had considered all of these. 


  1. A long term heroin addict (in his 40's) I met through my blog, told me Delancey Street was his longest period of sobriety. They use peer confrontation, everyone works, and all money must be shared by the group. It's a two year program, and he was kicked out before graduation because he held money back.

    This is a good list, but your link to clearyourmind, should be .net, not .org.

    I have written on my blog, my son's most noticeable change of attitude came from a brutal boot camp he was court ordered to attend. It was only 2 months, not long enough.
    However, his longest clean time, did not come from a program. He just quit, no meetings or counseling, etc. After about 14 months, he started drinking, which soon led him back to his drug of choice.

    Your daughter's program is about lifetime, core belief change, of course. I'm amazed and thrilled at her progress. My son told he how resourceful he was in active addiction. That same determination can be applied to change. Please keep us posted on Emily's progress!

  2. Thanks for the list. I was not familiar with most of these programs. I did talk with the Delancy Street program at one point. They did not allow psychiatric medication.

  3. Ya know Anna, I am not sure how many do work with people on pyschiatric meds.. which doesn't seem fair, many times it goes hand in hand. I believe Steps At Liberty do. I also can't say, but if you had the documentation and explained the situation, maybe some would open to it or make an acception? I don't know. Doesn't seem fair or right does it?

  4. I thought is was so great that you posted all these resources and then it made me laugh....I thought about how much time I have spent over the last few years researching addiction and getting help. Obviously, you did too.

    I am so, so happy to hear Emily is doing well. Just for today.........I wish I could remember that.