Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Monday, January 9, 2012


My Mom turned 70 today. 

I did not get her anything.  Not that I forgot it was her birthday.  I did forget it was a big one.  Or did I?  Maybe even for me, 70 is big.  It's in your face that you are on borrowed time.. and I don't want to think about it.  I know it's just a number and you are only as young as feel, etc.  But come on, let's get real, 70 is big, bodies don't work the same as they did when they were 30, 40, 50 or even 60. 

I didn't even want to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday.  Partly, because I knew how she was feeling about this.  But I did call.  And I told her, I am not even 50 and there is nothing I want or need and I know you feel the same, but I will get you something, just what I am not sure yet.  Of course she was fine with it.  She always says don't spend your money on me and I get that, because I say the same to my kids and I mean it.  You can't take it with you. 

But I did find out, she is going to lunch with girlfriends at this resort we stayed at last Christmas.  So I called the resort and got an anti-aging facial for her and they will present it to her at lunch.  Maybe it will make it feel better?  Anything with words "anti-aging" has to be good .. right?

I don't want to go all sappy into what a great Mom she was.  She knows it, I know it and I am very lucky in many ways with her and all her love and support and lucky to still have her around.  The other gift I will give her, will be one she won't know about.  I will answer the phone every time I see her number pop up.  I will respond to her emails within 24 hours.  I won't blow it off and think .."oh, it's just my Mom, I can get back to her". 

So I am raising my glass to my Mom today!  Happy Birthday Mom!  You are the best!  I feel loved and supported by you and that means more than anything to me!  Cheers! 
Oh... and many more!
Love you!


  1. The gift presented at lunch in front of her friends sounds great. I just lost my Mom last February. You will treasure the time you spent with her when she is gone. My Mom was 75.