Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Monday, October 24, 2011

OD to Kicked Out to Felony To Rehab To Shelter To HELP

The Month of October has been crazy.  The range of emotions were wild.  I will just give a quick timeline to catch you up.

Last weekend in Sept I had my Mom here for her sorority reunion and OSU football game.  I also had my son in town for the high school Homecoming.  Let me set the scene, OSU is big 10.  Beautiful weekend.  Many alumni in town for the game.  It's huge and most people have to take a shuttle to get close to campus to walk to the stadium.  We get a call from some random girl that she has my daughter and something is wrong,  I asked where she was.  She was right outside the McDonald's in front the of the stadium and there is 15 minutes left in the game.  I talk to Emily and I have never experienced any conversation like that in my life.  I asked to speak to the random girl again and said find a policeman and have them take her somewhere.  Well that freaked her out.  So my husband got on the phone and spoke with both of them and he concluded she was experiencing some kind of psychotic episode from bath salts.  He said there is not way we could get her with the traffic and timing of the game and their location.  So best to find a policeman.  The girl texted us back and said when she went to find a policeman, Emily bolted. 

Needless to say, we were worried.  But, life goes on, I had to fake it til I made it.  Get my son ready for Homecoming, welcome my Mom and her friend home after the game.  We did not hear anything else all night.

Sunday at 6:30 am Emily called from the hospital.  Wanting a ride home to Ben's house where she is staying.  We said no, we would give her a ride to free help.  We asked her to read the papers to us.  It said: Bath Salt over dose and extreme depression.  Later we found out  her heart stopped and they had use an ultra sound to find her veins.  UGH.

Later that week, I spend a day with her, looking back I can say she was on bath salts.  I was exhausted from being with her.. her words were crazy and made no sense.  We did get her an ID, god forbid she died and was a Jane Doe.  We went to see a counselor, whom she dismissed afterwards. 

Oct 13th, She was kicked out of Ben's house at 10pm.  I guess the guys from KY showed up on their door step and brought trouble and the parents didn't like that.  HUMMM, I could have told them that and I did ask over and over that they kick her out.  I happened to be out with my friend, who drove us to get her and the plan was to take her a local hosp.  Got there and they didn't have room for her.  So I said a shelter and my friend refused , so she kept her over night.  I was having company the next day, so I was sure when I could get her, my friend said it didn't matter, they would look for places.

By 4:00 pm on Friday Oct 14th , she had made no arrangements.  So I took her to the local free place for mental health.  Netcare.  It's basically a 24 hour place for assessments.  Emily stayed Friday night, Sat night, Sunday night and Monday night.  That's basically unheard of... but she managed.  After finding out there is not bed at the local free rehab, she decided long term help in NC.  It's all we can afford, because it's free. 

Meanwhile on Friday, my husband is calling me, our bank account was screwed up.  Here she stole a check from me. Wrote it out to Ben and he cashed it Oct 1, 2011 way out East somewhere for 175.00.  Yes, we pressed charges.

The NC place said she had to do 5 days in a rehab here for detox and we had to have the paperwork it was completed.  While there, she met people that had done the NC place and heard all these horrible things and decided not to do it, instead go to a homeless shelter.  We had paid 500.00 to the rehab on the assumption she was going to NC.  So we played hardball.  This was it, we paid this money for NC.  Everyone worked hard to get all that was needed for NC.  TB test, HIV test, criminal background check I paid for, the necessary things on "the list".  She has spent all the money I took her, $7.00 so she could not call us.  The rehab would not let her use the phone so we could "convince " her. 

Sunday my husband was suppose to pick her up at 9am.  He said he would try to convince her to go to NC.  She called at 8 am and said to come get her at 4:30pm as the shelters did not open until 5pm.  I said, well she sealed her fate.  I could not get to NC in time for a 9am check in , in NC then.  She called back at 11am and asked to get her at noon, she was getting scared about a shelter.  Finally at 2pm, she decided NC and I had a 9 hour drive.  Luckily I had some things packed, I rushed and got the rest done and we hit the road.

She was still on the fence on the road.. I wasn't much help, I am not an addict, I am tired, I am driving on roads I have no clue where I am.  So she spoke to a friend of mine, a young girl, who is 30 and 8 months clean... thank god for her!  She calmed Emily down, saying of course you are scared, us addicts want what we want right away.  We want to be right, we don't wanna feel ..we don't wanna hear what we dont' wanna hear..

There was some more drama, but bottom line at 9:05 last Monday I dropped her off at a 2 year free program in the mountains of NC.  She had 9 days clean by then and I did get to see she can recover if she chooses.. .where the week before I was unsure her brain could ever recover. 

I did not drop her off for the right reasons.  I did say, we expect you to graduate this program, but I don't have the feeling that will happen.  But when you are in the heat of the moment, you will take whatever you can get and we did that.  So please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope her life can be saved and I hope she sees that, as it's out of our hands.


  1. Wow, you HAVE had one heck of a month! Emily is on my list of addicts to "pray" for and I there is always hope. Having 9 days clean when entering rehab in NC seems like a good start, I hope she can hang on when the desire to leave hits her, as it does most addicts in that situation. You have a lot on your plate, lady, but you seem to be balancing it all very well.

  2. Thanks Barbara! Your post made my day and gave me some much needed encouragement! I greatly appreciate it!

  3. Take a good rest while you can. Please let us know what you think of this rehab. I am not familiar with a free two year rehab in NC.

  4. I am exhausted reading this. I am SO HAPPY she is there and to even think for one second she agreed to a 2 year program is amazing. My son would NEVER agree to that. 9 days to start is really great two. I know with my son the first 30 days were really tough on him and he broke down a lot...luckily in jail he had no choice. He tells me now that first few weeks was when his mind played the worst tricks on him. This is so great to hear, it is a start. Anna is right rest while you can, she is safe.

  5. Jeeze Kelly. What a roller coaster ride...I'm so glad that she's somewhere SAFE. Will you be able to see her, or get updates? I have kept all of you in my heart for so long, and will continue to do so. You are AMAZING.

  6. Oh Kelly.......I hate days (or months!) like this! It is indeed a roller coaster all to often. I hope your daughter is hanging in there and getting the help she so needs. I hope you are able to get some rest and peace of mind too. Some days are so damn hard and you are very strong! Prayers for you all - Hang in there!