Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Still some innocence-Take the Long Way Home

There are those times, when I just want the moment stay, not to pass so quickly. There are those moments, where my mind wanders to the worst, like I have been trained that way, like there is a hidden a meaning.. and I am luckily reminded, there is still some innocence in my life.

Tuesday night my son, Andy and I went to the Mall. He had a few things to get for Christmas. On the way there, he said he wanted to go to Victoria Secret to get his girlfriend a gift. My mind went to the stories I heard from my friends who had 17 year old boys... they found VS his/her oils, body lotions in their bedrooms. My son wanted help picking out a "Pink" hoodie or sweats. She likes the Victoria Secret Pink things. Whew!

Then he told me, he and his best friend decided it was the year to exchange gifts together. They put a 15.00 limit on it. Where does my mind go? Condoms. Cherry swizzlers to smoke. Know what he wanted to get him? A big box of Milk Duds, his friends favorite candy and some funky sweatbands and sweat wristbands. Whew!

We were driving home and there lots of Christmas lights up. This town goes all out. He asked me : Mom, do you ever take the long way home to look at the lights? I said : Do you? He said oh yes, I love them. I remember when we younger you would take us all around town to look at the lights. We remembered the night we ran into Shawn Kemp at a light display. He was, at the time a Cavs basketball player. He had, what I called a tank as a car, but actually it was the first Hummer I had ever seen. We remembered going to the "rich" area, known for their light displays.. and seeing a boy about his age now, dancing into a mirror in his underwear like Risky Business.

I said to Andy, to answer your question, I do not take the long way home to look at the lights anymore. After 40 plus years of looking at lights, I do not think about it anymore. But let's do it now! So on the record low cold night, on the way home from Mall, my son and I took the long way home to look at the lights.

I was reminded there is still some innocence. I allowed myself to stay in that moment and cherish it. I was happy it wasn't about VS lotions, potions, oils, condoms and cherry swizzlers.


  1. nice to hear that you had those moments....and that you cherished them. that's wonderful,..you deserve them.

  2. Those moments are so special. I love that you enjoyed the long road home together! Prayers and big hugs!