Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Very Happy Mothers Day- a few weeks late!

I have been MIA for awhile for several reasons, I have been busy and I was getting an error message when I logged on and didn't have time to deal with it.. but Thanks to Tori, I am up and running!  Not that I wanted to download Google Chrome, but, they gave me no choice.. oh how I hate not having a choice!  Anyway..

I had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!  We went to see Emily for a weekend visit.  Backing up a bit, it was Mother's Weekend at my son college May 4th weekend, then we went to see Emily May 12th weekend and got home late Monday and I left for the Dominican on the 16th, Wed.  I was feeling very overwhelmed.  Like it was too much and too much money all at one time.  I tried so hard to be present for each and everything without stressing about the next one.  I think I did ok in that area.

Ok, our visit:  We rented a house in the mountains vs a hotel.  I have travelled this way before, but my husband has not.  So he was leery, but it worked out well and is much cheaper than a cold hotel.  So he is now sold on the idea.  We got there around 3 pm on Friday and scouted around a bit, had dinner, went to the grocery store, etc.  We picked Emily up at noon on Saturday.  She had to bring a senior girl with her on the visitation.  I really enjoyed her friend, Renee as well.  When we pulled up, Emily came running out.. we hugged and cried for a long time.  She took me in the house to meet some of the other girls.  It's a beautiful house, older brick Victorian  style, which put my mind at ease.. I had different visions.  I told them I had donations in my car and might need some help.  The woman in charge yelled SUPPORT and the girls came running and emptied my car!  I am like I need to try this at home!

We walked around the cute town.  The girls had not really explored, no time, so they enjoyed that.  We had a wonderful fresh lunch.  The girls knew one of the waitresses, guess she completed the program already.  She gave us yummy desserts!  Then we took Emily to get her hair cut.  The woman that cut her hair is "in the program" and did a great a job on her hair, cutting to her natural wave.  Then we went to the bigger town, shopping at Target.  Got Emily some clothes, a CD player, and hygiene supplies.  Then we took everything back to the house we rented and I had some stuff for her that I brought.  We went thru that and it started raining.. but the girls loved the house and felt so comfy.  Renee said she was gonna have her Mom rent a house next time she comes.

Then we went to dinner, Mexican.  It was all fresh!  And just wonderful.  The food there is all good, fresh, some organic, local.. they are very progressive in that way and very reasonable.  After dinner we just came back to the house to hang out, watched a movie, girls laid around, we laughed and stuff.  Emily sang and played the guitar to the song she wrote for us.  We had to have them back at 11 pm, only to pick them up again on Sunday at 9 am.  Even the girls were like, it's kinda stupid we have to go back just to sleep, when there is so much room here for us to stay.. but oh well, it's the rules.

Continued on next blog

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