Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small Developments

I haven't posted much, just because Emily is still in the 30  day transition period and we have no contact. 
But, I have my ways.. LOL

Not sure I mentioned this, but, the family with at Christmas time, their daughter got kicked out of the first program and went to the current one Emily is at.  The girls on a 30 talking ban. Which is fine.. for many reasons.  But, they got their first call from their daughter last week.  The mom left me a message.  Said she talked to her daughter and she is doing great!  Loves her job at a nursing home!  She said she asked her about Emily, even thou, she knows they can't talk about other clients and they are on talking ban.  But she said her daughter Emily is doing so awesome!  And please let Emily's parents know, she is doing great and working hard and contributing a lot.    I was happy to hear that!

They also called this week.  They wanted to see if we would pay 32.00 for Emily to get her license.  We agreed.  If they feel she is ready, I want her to have that in her life... it's part of growing up and being responsible.  She sabotaged it the night before she was suppose to get her license at 16.  She took my husbands company car out and drank and drove.  She didn't get caught by the police, but she did by us.  And of the school that a license is a privilege, not a right.  I could never live with myself if something happened to her or she hurt someone else. 

They have taken care of contacts and glasses and let us know all about it.

When they call, I will ask how she is doing.  The reports are all so positive.  That scares me a bit!  I am used to the other.. all the negative things she does or how she is always in trouble.  They said she is doing awesome.  She is working hard , she is a big help in the house and she is really helping the new girls.  She calls them on their BS and teaches them what NOT to do.  Go figure!

I would like to take a minute and Thank a fellow blogger, Tori!  She took a comment I made and turned it into a super nice gift.  She could have said nothing, I would not have known any different.  But, she reached out to me, she went above beyond the meaning of blog friends.  It was out of the blue, something I never expected from a little old comment I made and she made it almost a reality.  Thank You Tori, thank you so much!


  1. Good to hear good news ! Just enjoy it, I say. And I agree,...Tori is a gem. : )

  2. I know that feeling of being nervous about how good things are going, I think its completely natural to feel that way. This time around I am "acting as if" my son is done and is going to live happily every after (so to speak). I want to enjoy this and celebrate the changes I see even if they should disappear.

    And about that Tori - she's something else, isn't she? So many awesome people out here in blogland!

  3. You are all way too sweet! You have all helped me soooo much I can't even begin to thank you. I honestly do not know how I would have managed....and poor Barb she gets many emails from me! lol

    I am so happy to hear about Emily. All we can do is enjoy every minute we know they are sober!

    And you are so welcome and kind for something so small. I just hope Emily likes it!